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The Weather Weaver adventure series

What if you could befriend a cloud? What weather would you choose?

What if the weather matched itself to your mood, whether you wanted it to, or not?

"Just because you haven't done it before doesn't mean you can't. Go and fetch me a cloud."

The Weather Weaver

Stella has exciting plans for the summer - she'll be spending the holiday in Shetland with her Grandpa, while her parents are away working. But without Gran, Shetland isn't the same as she remembers - Grandpa is gruff and grumpy and the island feels bleak and lonely. The summer holidays look set to be the worst ever, until Stella encounters a strange old woman, who asks her to catch a cloud...

"That cloud you're so fond of, it's dangerous. You think you can control it? You can't."

A Gathering Storm

Once a year, weather weavers from all over the globe come together at the Gathering, to trade weather magic and stories. Stella and Nimbus can't wait to meet other weather weavers, but they're in for a frosty welcome. Tamar has always been a rule-breaker. This time, she's broken the law, but it's Stella who'll lose everything if the trial goes badly. Can Stella and Nimbus thaw the hearts of the council elders, or will winter tear them apart?

"I'll have what is mine. . ."

Winter's Keep

When the sea witch returns, seeking to lay the past to rest, the first person she turns to is Stella. But how far can you trust a sea witch? Is she seeking redemption, or plotting her final revenge? With the Teran rising from the deep and the island in his icy grip, Stella and her friends will have to fight to save weather as we know it.

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