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Your wishes are conjuring new realities, though you may not know it yet.

A long forgotten magic is returning. It's time for the gargoyles to wake . . .

"Magic is neither good, nor bad - it simply multiplies the dreams you feed it. Be careful what you wish for..."

Guardians of the Source

A crumbling mansion. A magical source. A living gargoyle.

Callen’s Dad has always been secretive of his past but when the family have to move into his childhood home, the last thing Callen expects is a boarded-up mansion covered in gargoyles. It's enormous, the doors are nailed shut, the gardens are overgrown... and long-forgotten magic is returning. When a disgruntled gargoyle wakes up in his presence, Callen must befriend Zariel and earn her trust before it’s too late. A dark threat is growing in the shadows and only a Gargoyle Guardian can stop it.

Guardians of the Source is the first book in the new Gargoyles trilogy.  It's out on the 4th April 2024

If you can't wait to get your hands on a copy, you can pre-order it now from your local independent bookshop,

or online at Waterstones or Amazon.

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